They Wished Me A Markan Christmas

So, this was truly a “Markan” Christmas. I got some books, videos and more books. In addition to what I’ve already posted, here is the rest (though, most of it is, not all of it is Mark stuff):

1. George Martin, Bringing the Gospel of Mark to Life
2. Robert Funk, The Gospel of Mark (Jesus Seminar, Red Letter Ed.)
3. J. R. Donahue, The Gospel of Mark (Sacra Pagina)
4. Larry Hurtado, Pre-Caesarean Text / Codex W in Mark
5. Joel Green, Way of the Cross: Suffering in Mark
6. M. Casey, Aramaic Sources for Mark’s Gospel
7. A. D. Thomson, Mythical Elements in the 1st Copy of Mark’s Gospel
8. M. Smith, The Secret Gospel: Discovery & Interp. Of Secret Mark
9. W. Roth, Hebrew Gospel of Mark: Cracking the Code
10. R. A. Errico, Aramaic Light on Mark and Luke
11. M. Black, An Aramaic Approach to the Gospels and Acts

12. B. Metzger, A Textual Commentary on the GNT
13. A. F. Johns, A Short Grammar of Biblical Aramaic

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