Hebrew Type Tool : English2Hebrew

A while back I developed a customizable widget that allowed persons to type Greek on their blogs. I have now designed a similar tool that uses Hebrew. It can be installed directly on your site with just a few clicks. It's simple to use: you type in English and it spits Hebrew out (yes, it also types from right to left!). The keyboard may be a bit tricky at first but I have provided a downloadable keyboard map within the widget to make it easier. You can get the widget in-full by scrolling down this page and in the middle column, finding the tool labeled: English2Hebrew. At the bottom of that tool, click the "get widget" button. Once you've done this, it will ask you which type of site you're installing it on (e.g. blogger, wordpress, typepad, etc; if you have a plain website or your type of site is not listed, select the html option). From there, the widget will be installed for you. It's that easy. I hope some of you get this tool and are able to put it to good use. Enjoy.

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