123 Meme

The 123 Meme is quickly making its way through the biblica-blogo-sphere (yes, biblica seems more correct than biblio but do we even need the word "blogo" in there, perhaps we should start calling it the biblicasphere) and it has landed at my blog's stoop; I've been tagged by Alan Knox. Though I don't usually do memes, I actually don't mind this one. Here's the idea:

* Pick up the nearest book of 123 pages or more (no cheating!)
* Find page 123
* Find the first five sentences
* Post the next three sentences
* Tag five people

So, after reaching past my English and Greek Testaments, the nearest book was Mark & Method. The work is a series of methodical/hermeneutical approaches to Mark's Gospel. Page 123 happens to fall in the middle of Janice Capel Anderson's essay titled "Feminist Criticism: The Dancing Daughter". Rounding out her explanation of feminist criticism and her approach, the 6th through 9th sentences say this:

"You must decide which historical, theological, literary, social-scientific, or ideological methods or models to use. These methods and models can be those feminists have already developed or adapted. One of the exciting things about feminist scholarship is that it is open to experiment."

I tag: Clay Brackeen, Mark Altermann, Jason Gaines, Jonathon Erdman and Owen Weddle. If you decide to take part, please leave a comment here so that we can read your entry.


  1. Ok, the nearest book to me is the 2007 NFPA 72 National Fire Alarm Code which reads on page 123:

    "When this is not the case, as in emergency shelters or certain government facilities, additional secondary power should be required to address a more prolonged outage. These outages might be expected to result from weather or earthquake in locations subject to these events. Reasonable judgment should be employed when requiring additional secondary capacity."

    This is located in Annex A and deals with section of the code. The aforementioned section references the capacity section of the secondary power supply section of chapter 4 (Fundamentals of Fire Alarm Systems).

  2. Thanks for the tag.

    I saw this while on a break at work--I work in the editing department at Eisenbrauns....So, naturally, the nearest book was the SBL Handbook of Style. I flipped to page 123 and found a list of scholarly abbreviations for series titles, a few of which were in German.

  3. Jason and John, these are both quite humorous choices!

  4. I too saw this while checking my blog at work (I teach 5th grade Special Education). The nearest book was a 4th grade spellling book. In the exercise on page 123, the students are to read a movie review and correct the misspellings. Here are sentences 6-11 (couldn't resist throwing in a few extra):

    "Sue lay on her stomack, while Lena reached into the picnic basket for some juice to drik. Suddenly someone yelled that there had been a sharck attach! Panic struk the beach. The air became electrik with fear. Was it a misstake? Was there really a resk of danger?"