Rating My Hermeneutic

I took Scott McKnight's "Hermeneutic Quiz" and here are my results (quite accurate, I'd say). Let me know what you scored.

Score: 75 / A Progressive Hermeneutic


  1. Wow, you're more progressive than I. I knew you were a liberal!!! ; )

    I scored in the high 60's. I think I was low on the progressive hermeneutic.


  2. Score: 77 / A Progressive Hermeneutic

    ...apparently I'm quite predictable

    "The moderate hermeneutic might be seen as the voice of reason and open-mindedness...What impresses me most about moderates are the struggles they endure to render judgments on hermeneutical issues."

    I felt like I was here; apparently not.

  3. I did it a couple days ago and I think I got a 59. You all are a bunch of flaming liberals.

  4. Wow, my score was 23!

    Naw! It was 83, it might have been higher if the #5 questions were not so stereotyped. Is it true that over 90 is classified as hermeneutic anarchy?

  5. 75 for me...but what does "hermeneutic mean?"


  6. Cody,
    Hermeneutic is the means/methods by which you interpret the Scriptures. It is quite fascinating to me that you describe yourself as a funda-literalist but that when you take this quiz, you score a 75, that is, "progressive". But I think you and I have a similar view, which I also think other people have different views of, as to what a fundamentalist and a literalist is.

    When I say fundamental, I mean the basics, the fundamentals of the faith, like being Trinitarian. When I say literalist, I mean someone who reads the Scriptures how they were literally meant to be read, eg. poetry as poetry, history as history, parable as parable, etc.

    However, when others use the term fundamentalist, they mean someone who is "close-minded" and not willing to discuss or even entertain different ideas. When they say literalist, they mean someone who takes everything wooden-literally, e.g. when the psalmist talks about trees clapping their hands, like the trees literally have hands. From what I know about you, you do not take these views. You seem to have a similar view of fundamental/literal as I do.

    I also find it interesting that you scored the same as me. :)

    See, you've been doing hermeneutics all along, you just didn't know the fancy word for it.