The Musical Michael Halcomb (Pt. 1)

So, apart from the biblical/pastoral/theological side of me, I have a musical side too. In fact, I spent my last year of college touring all over the country playing music. Me and my friend Mike Holt had an acoustic duo; we wrote, performed and recorded our own stuff. I found some of that stuff today and enjoyed listening to it. I thought I'd do a few posts and share some of it. Oh...nostalgia! (Oh yeah, I also rap but what's posted here is totally different.)

Here's one of the album songs. It's just me, performing a song titled "From Atlanta". I penned the song while riding the team soccer bus from Georgia back home to Kentucky. I was missing my girl quite a bit at that time, so, I guess this was a way of handling it. Click the following button to listen:


  1. I really miss hearing you play the guitar & sing. You have an awesome voice. What makes your songs even better is that you wrote them & the music that goes along with them, I think you should post more in the future.


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  3. I remember that song, definitely nostalgia! There's another one isn't there? I remember listening to John Mayer on the bus and dirty UNO - fun times. Those are good memories.

  4. Cody,

    I will post some more in the future...oh, dirty uno, i've been trying to teach that to some of the youth group kids here but they think it's too complicated. yes, fun times. good talking to you last night!!!