Even If Obama Were A Muslim...

I'm sick of Christians acting ignorant about Obama. Now, I'm not an Obama advocate and he probably won't get my vote but that doesn't negate the fact that evangelicals (like myself) and conservative Christians need to quit acting ridiculous about him. I've had emails sent to me and I've heard conversations by Christians saying things like "he was sworn in on the Koran", "he is a Muslim", "he's working covertly for terrorists organizations and wants to destroy the U.S. from the inside out", etc.

None of these are true!!! If he were a Republican and a bit more conservative, most evangelicals / conservatives would emphasize how he was "converted" 20 years ago. But since he's not a conservative, those on the right concoct conspiracy theories and lies. It's all just wrong. If he gave his life to Christ 20 years ago and he still claims to be a Christian why don't we believe him? Who are we to doubt him? People say, "Oh but his family is full of Muslims." Well, in my eyes, this makes his conversion that much more real and powerful. He changed when his family did not.

But here's the thing, even if Obama were a Muslim, what difference would that make? I mean, being a Muslim does not equal being a terrorist or a terrorist supporter. By the same token, being a Muslim does not equal being a shady or stupid politician. This is patently absurd logic. Just as well, if he were a Muslim (with a Christian background), maybe this would be good. Perhaps it would help him enable conversation between the Christianity and Islam. On a political level, his knowledge of Islam and his relation to it (e.g. his own history and his family members), might create more peaceful relationships with predominantly Muslim countries. Again, even if he were a Muslim, it's not necesarrily a bad thing--as long as he's not trying to establish a theocracy, etc.

As I said, I'm not an Obama advocate and he probably won't get my vote (unless it's him and McCain in the end!!!) but this doesn't mean that as an evangelical I have to resort to consiparcy theories and judging whether or not he's a believer when he clearly says he is. Come on Christians, get your stuff together and use your brains.


  1. I heartily amen this. I don't plan on voting for Obama. Don't like his policies. However, I can't stand when people try to find reasons to discredit him.

    I had a lady in my church the other day who says "I don't want to vote for a Muslim." I told her that he was in fact a member of the United CoC and she was a bit amazed. Part of the problem is ignorance (with a neutral connotation). He looks like he is from the Middle East, he has the name of the Middle East, he is probably Muslim, or so the line of thinking goes. But as Christians, we have to overcome this type of thinking, which is essentially judgment.

    And then many people refuse to accept his testimony that he is a Christian. I have heard ulterior motives behind it and what not. I am ashamed when Christians will judge a person with no basis such as this. Just because he is a politician and liberal doesn't mean he is insincere in what he claims as his convictions. He may be in error (such as abortion) and we can talk about that, but we shouldn't speak of any ulterior motives without firm evidence.

  2. Owen, absolutely! The thing is, if this were any other person in the world, telling me that they've been a Christian for the last 20 years, I'd have no reason to doubt them and I wouldn't. Why, as a Christian, should I do this to Obama just because he's in the limelight? I shouldn't! Anyways, ditto!

  3. I agree with most of what you said, however, I would not vote for a non-christian to run our country.

  4. Jason,

    Is this about American or Christian, becuase the two should be separated? How does it help Christianity look to the rest of the world when an American president carries out wars and attacks, won't repent, etc? It makes Christianity and christians look fake and not like Jesus. When and if you try to combine American to that, as in, Christian American President, the matter is even more compounded. The rest of the world affiliates Christianity with America (where the face they think of is the president, not Jesus) and they hate it. I'd say that it is not necesarry to have a professed Christian as president besides, we Christians living in this country, need a break from looking like we're all politics, to the rest of the world. Lastly, a person can be a good politician without being Christian. And as the point of this post said, Obama is a Christian...but he's not going to get my vote.

  5. Michael,

    The comment wasnt directed toward Obama, he is a Christian, but was a disagreement with voting in a non-christian. I also dont think American and Christian should be separated just as Chinese, South American, or anywhere else should be separated from Christian. It is my desire to see all people of all nations be Christian. It is out of love I desire this because I wish to have all people reach salvation. Just because others have a preconceived notion about America and Christianity doesnt mean we should strive for a non-christian to take office. I really dont think people reading the Bible around the globe think of G.W. when they get to the Gospels. Christianity should permeate all parts of our lives..even the political side.