ExegeTV - The Greek Alphabet (Episode 6)

Last year, as I was getting familiar with Greek myself, I started teaching it in one of my classes at the Church where I serve. I gave the attendees a dvd to take home that would help them get started with Greek. I'm going to offer those two lessons here as installments of ExegeTV. Forgive some of the slight mispronunciations. I hope you find these helpful; here's the first one. Currently, I'm still trying to figure out ways--from a multimedia perspective--to design biblical languages courses that are easy to use and understand (mainly for congregants/laity). Any thoughts, ideas, comments, etc. are welcome.


  1. I think you need to try out for American Idol :)

  2. Crazy how many people have watched that stinkin' video and how few have watched the other, more informative ones! If I did try out, I'm sure I'd win it all. :)