A Humorous Reply To James

I'll reply in the next day or two with a more serious post but for now (to add some fun to our diablogue) here something a bit more lightweight:

(Pic HT: Locusts&Honey)

The conversation thus far:

Where This Diablogue Started: Michael (When Politicians Say They're Christian)
Initial Reply: James (Flaming Meteorite Challenge)
Second Reply: Michael (A Response to James)
Third Response: James (Community of the Saved or Salvation of the Community)
Fourth Reply: Michael (A Rejoinder To James)
Fifth Response: James (Continuing Diablogue About Salvation)
Sixth Reply: Michael (The Ensuing Riposte with James)
Seventh Response: James (A Brief Reply)
Eighth Reply: Michael (the current post)

Some others who have joined in the convo: Ken Brown (1) (2) (3) and Drew Tatusko (1) (2).


  1. I must as in "Michael, when you cite cartoons like this, you are expected to use digg?"


    I must as in "Oh, Michael probably uses digg too?"

    Not sure if it is the comic XKCD but it might be.

  2. As in "All Digg users dig XKCD," it's almost a pre-requisite to being a digg user.

    And yep, the comic's XKCD.