Bible Belt Award

It's that time again (actually, it's about a week late)! January's "Bible Belt" goes to: Chris Tilling of Chrisendom. See his ingenious post here: When Asked. In order, here were my other January favorites.

2. MetaCatholic: Making Political Music (Okay, this was posted on Feb. 3rd but I couldn't resist including it here.)

3. Things On Bryan's Mind: 2Pac One of the Greatest Rappers Ever

4. Kudos to the Rt. Rev. Bird for his creativity in this post: The Society of Baseball Literature (A Parody)

5. Ben Witherington: Akedah


  1. Wow. I'm honoured to be a runner-up!

  2. First time I'm in the running for the Bible Belt and my post doesn't even have anything to do with the Bible!
    : )
    How ironic. Maybe I should just stick to writing about rappers.

    Thanks Michael!

    Bryan L

  3. Doug and Bryan, you're both welcome! :) Can't help but grin as I type this response! :)

  4. I would just like to thank my wife, my fans, my parents ... I love you all!

    Thanks, Mike!

  5. I would also like to thank Chris's wife, parents, fans, etc. Way to go! :)