Loving the Scholar in Your Life: For Dummies (for free)

As Gordon Fee has reminded us, biblical scholars can be an odd lot. Heck, even our loved ones often have a hard time understanding us, what we're about and what we do. So, in order to curtail that issue, I've written a very, very short book (only 8 pages, double-spaced; includes pictures). The book is yours for the taking. In fact, share it freely with those close to you. You might even print it off and give it as a Valentines Day gift. Enjoy. Thoughts and comments appreciated!

My Short (knock-off) Book:

Loving the Biblical Scholar in Your Life: For Dummies


  1. Great stuff!! Nice book! Need to give that to Anja!

  2. And to think I was afraid I wouldn't have the perfect Valentine gift for my wife. Thanks! ST

  3. Chris & Shaun, Your women will not know how to react when you give them this book. When you hand it to them, be sure to tell them, "Honey you can read it, just don't crease or bend the pages, lose it or spill coffee on it. Oh, and when you're done, I'd like it back."