$20 Well Spent: Chaim Potok

I stopped into Half-Price Books today and picked up a collection of works from one of my favorite authors, certainly my favorite Jewish author, Chaim Potok. If you've yet read any of his books, I would highly encourage you to get ahold of a few. A good starter is his work The Chosen. It's a very fun, thought-provoking, academic, easy-read. It can also shed tremendous light on how to deal with loved ones who have different views or who may seemed to have strayed from the family's faith. It also offers some insights into the struggle students often face when they go off to college or become more critical thinkers and begin to ask questions of their faith (e.g. evolution/creation, biblical interpretation, etc.). Anyway, after sitting in the doctor's office for 2 and 1/2 hours this morning, I went and picked up some books to make me feel better. Indeed, I do feel better as this was $20 well spent. Here's what I picked up:


  1. My favorite Jewish authors are (in no particular order): Moshe, the Chronicler, YHWH, David, Shlomo, Matisyahu, Eliyahu, among many others...but if you want to put Potok at the top of that list, well, I guess that's just your modern contemporary leanings and heresy!!!!!

  2. Wow Mr. Bailey, look at you gettin' all pious on me (especially with the YHWH quip). Isn't it a bit anachronous, though, to call them Jewish writers? They were Hebrews, Israelites...not Jews. Potok, on the other hand, is a Jew. But then again, I guess that just your modern, anachronistic, academy-defiled understanding. Yet, since I love you brother, I'll forgive you. :)