America's Largest Ethnic Cleansing

It happened in 1912 and you've probably never heard of it. If you're an American, you should know that this story has been conveniently left out of our school's history books. Why? Because whites don't want to own up to their arrogance, ignorance, insolence and negligence. Don't get me wrong, not all whites have embodied these characteristics nor do all whites today do so. But the sad fact is: many did and many still do.

As if our war-mongering, prison-covered, bomb-dropping, blood-thirsty, Roman-arena-like history isn't enough, we also have the despicable act of ethnic cleansing. The worst case happened just under 100 years ago in the state of Georgia. The name of the town, where there is still not a black presence by the way, is Forsyth. In just the span of two to three months, the black population of Forsyth was wiped out by whites. Records show that at one point, there were 1,098 blacks in the city and almost over night, that dropped down to 30. This happened by the established pattern, by whites, to cleanse a city: accuse a black man of raping a white gal, hang him, threaten all other blacks that they'll get the same if they don't leave and then, when they leave, take all of their land.

If you visit Forsyth today, in one particular area, you'll find a white neighborhood full of large homes and mansions. That land, though, was taken by whites nearly 100 years ago when the Strickland family was run off and/or done away with. Sickening! Just sickening! Legally, the land was stolen from the Strickland family and legally, I believe it should be repaid to them. I believe in and am a proponent of reparations. Especially in cases like this (though, not all cases). The truth is, many blacks have started one, two, three, four or five starting blocks behind whites. And whites have the gumption today to say things like, "They shouldn't get anything; they should get a job is what they should get." Usually, when whites say that, they're talking about a job at the local fast-food restaurant or grocer--places where blacks can serve the whites who have more money because they have better educations and jobs.

I've said on my blog before that I'm not an Obama advocate. I also said that if John McCain got the Republican ticket, I'd probably vote Democrat (actually, if there's a candidate, I'll probably go Independent). Even so, I think it is a great thing that we have a black man and a black family running for president. If nothing else, it could hopefully bring some unity to this country. Though, I suspect there will be a lot of tension when ethnic jokes are made when he blunders. Anyways, it's time for whites to own up to the sad history that is theirs and to do something just about it. Let's be people of justice and do what's right. If anything, we are the ones who need cleansing; a cleansing from malcious, ignorant hatred and ugly, indulgent seflishness.

For more on Forsyth and other such happenings, check out the heart-breaking but inspiring documentary Banished: American Ethnic Cleansings.

For more footage, visit the following links:


  1. Michael, Great post. Thanks for doing this one.

    Chris Zeichmann

  2. Chris,
    Thanks. You're welcome! Good to hear from you!

  3. I was proud to vote for Obama once already (though, Hillary won in AZ). I'll be proud to vote for him again, should he eventually get to the general E.

    That said . . . .
    Amen, brother.