A Little Fame For Me

As many of you are aware, storms pounded the KY area yesterday (and there are more on the way). As I was driving down the road, I saw this truck, it had been trying to cross a bridge but in the act was swept away by the waters. I snapped a few photos and then sent one in to the Lexington news stations. They aired my pic three times within an hour and a half. Kind of fun!!! Not that this little bit of fame will do anything for me but hey, I thought it was pretty cool. Here are a couple of really brief snippets from the evening news reports:

**Update: The news station just emailed me and the photos are now being broadcast via the National Weather Service: Link 1, Link 2.


  1. Yes! I knew you would make it! That's pretty sweet. Good thing you have the 1st clip there if I had just seen the 2nd one I would have thought it was you that got swept away. The 2nd one just shows the truck in the water with your name and town.

  2. hahahahha, that's hilarious, I never thought about that!!!!!!!