Bush's Theological Reason For Bombing Iraq

(Said in a conference to religious leaders over the weekend): "We are all made in the image of God."

How's that for theological reasoning?


  1. Hi Mike, What was he responding to or what was the question he was asked? Was it "what was your theological reason for bombing Iraq?" and if so what on earth did he mean? I don't understand the context. Not that he ever makes sense.

  2. Steph,
    Thanks for the inquiry. Bush wasn't really asked a question. His remarks came in a speech he was making to religious broadcasters. That's the setting. The literary context is that this came in the middle of his speech saying America must stay on the offense and attack overseas, so as not to fight wars here; much like we initially did w/Iraq. Then he talked about freedom, then, yadayadayada, bullcrap!!!!! It certainly is bad theology and to me, makes no sense. You should read the speech, it's not too long. You can find it here: Bush's Speech.

  3. Thanks - I'm speechless (as usual) - he's a dangerous (and remarkably stupid) wicked warmonger.

    My vote (in spirit) is for Barack Obama