Your 3 Words (Blogger Edition)

I really enjoy the I-Caught/Good Morning America project "Your Week In 3 Words". I am going to do a Blogger Edition. So, here's the deal: 1) Make a short video that's no longer than 17 seconds (the shorter the better), 2) Find some way, in your video, to describe this week in 3 words, 3) Get as creative as possible, 4) Email your video to me at: halc(d0t)40dp(at)mailcity(dot)com. 5) I will add your clip to the project and 6) I will post the finished project with a link to your site, here on Pisteuomen. I hope we get some good clips. If you're interested, it might be good to leave a comment here or email me so that I know you're going to participate.

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