Questions For Conservatives

Why are conservative Christians praying for war instead of praying for it to end? And why are American conservatives only praying for American soldiers and not the solidiers on the "other side"? They have families and they are human too! Why do conservatives always say "God bless America" but not Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, etc.? Why don't conservative, American Christians love their loved ones AND the "others"?


  1. which conservatives do you have in mind? i would normally consider myself conservative, though if the word is definited by your post, then i'm not. i guess i can't answer your question.

  2. good question, i guess i'm just being general here. most conservatives i know personally wouldn't ask for a definition, if that's any indication.

  3. i've been struggling with these terms lately - conservative, liberal, progressive. when they become insults from one side to the other - or worse, our identities (rather than our identity being in Christ) then we have truly lost something. and i think the point is well taken - that there is more beyond American soil, more than just American lives. None should have more value than the other - and ALL are worth praying for!

    (for some reason i cant sign in under my wordpress account....)

  4. liz,
    i understand your frustrations. however, while sometimes labels are not pejorative, as you know. sometimes they are helpful. i pose this question to conservatives because i consider myself a conservative (for the most part). as i said to mike, most conservatives i know, well, they wouldn't have to define what conservative means, which might be the best descriptor of what a conservative is to them (the people i'm mostly around). so, this was a conservative asking a question to conservatives, it was not meant in a pejorative sense at all, lest i be demeaning myself.

    anyways, i totally agree about the american thing. that is probably more real to you than ever being away from here. i'm glad you love what's going on in your life. i'm happy for you. i hope we can frequent each other's blogs more and comment. good hearing from you again.

  5. I consider myself a conservative Christian, and I don't know anyone at all who is praying for war.

    From your comments in this post, I would like to ask if you are praying for the racists who have "purified" thir communities. And what do you think should be done about complete injustices in the world. Should we just pray for dictators and terrorists who are killing innocent people each day?

  6. anon,
    umm, what about john mccain and john hagee? esp. hagee!

    i am absolutely against ethnocentrism.

    as for injustices, let's work through them...let's find a way and let's end them.

    we should pray for dictators and we should work to end their tyranny but we should not use lethal force to do it.