Islam At Its Worst

15-minutes long. Will you watch and turn in anger or in peace? Will you react by acting the way they are or will you act as Christ would? Because, for Christians, Jesus is the litmus test.

Fitna the Movie Geert Wilders' film (English)
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  1. A day after viewing this, I am still speechless, but Thomas Merton had something useful to say:

    "“Will you end wars by asking men to trust men who evidently cannot be trusted? No. Teach them to love and trust God; then they will be able to love the men they cannot trust, and will dare to make peace with them, not trusting in them but in God. For only love - which means humility - can cast out the fear, which is the root of all war.”

    (I just ran across this on www.firstbornstories.com)

    Loving people who have the sincere desire and means to kill you may be the litmus test of faith - I pray we would hold up if put to the test.


  2. WSK,
    Nice Merton quote; he's such a though-out guy.

    I like the fb quote too. Sounds much like what I said in this post.