The Earth Expedition

(Video of Daren speaking about his trek and what he hopes it will accomplish.)

In just under a week, Daren Wendell, one of my college classmates and soccer buddies will be taking his first steps on the beginning of his Earth Expedition. He will begin in Georgia where he will be meeting up with my college roomate who is going to start the trip with him. Mostly, Daren will be camping out. But if any of you good Christians out there might be able to give him a night of lodging, please help him out. You can track Daren by live GPS and you can also see his itenerary, which is detailed city-by-city for the next 7 years. To remind my readers, Daren is trying to be the youngest person to ever walk all the way around the world. He is doing this to raise money for the Blood:Water Mission in Africa, which helps AIDS victims and provides cleaner water for persons. I'll post periodically on Daren but whether you live in the States or on the other side of the world, see if you can help him in any tangible way (again, maybe by giving him lodging for an evening). Be safe Daren and God bless.

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  1. Wow...that's crazy...but very cool. Best of luck to him! If he were coming to Hong Kong I'd have a place for him to crash, oh well. :)