Bombing Iraq/Iran = Killing Christians

FoxNewsChannel aired an interesting piece yesterday morning which notes that millions of Middle-Eastern persons (mostly Muslims) have been converting to Christianity. These great changes are happening all over Iraq and Iran. In my opinion, this all just shows how evil John Hagee and John McCain really are. As if bombing Muslims isn't bad enough, they don't even consider those who are Christians and who are converting. So, which is better, killing people before than can meet Christ or striving for peace and introducing Christ? Anyone with a shred of Christian credibility and integrity would be able to answer this! Yet, Hagee and McCain ignore it. They are pandering to convservative Christians and advocating their stupid political agendas over the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This just disgusts me. I couldn't help but think, as someone read Mt. 28 (The Great Commission passage) yesterday morning, "Jesus said, 'Go to all nations and baptize, teaching them...' not 'Go to all nations and bomb, slaughtering them...'" I'm just fed up, so fed up, ahhhhhhh I don't even want to type anything else right now I'm so frustrated...

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