"Windows Explorer Must Shutdown...Must Restart" Loop

Over the past month or two there has been one section of my computer that I have not been able to access directly (I did find an indirect way to get to the files, though). Eventually, this just got on my nerves in a really bad way. So, I spent so time trying to figure out the problem. Surprisingly, I did (something that even most people on the Microsoft site couldn't do).

So, if you are encountering a problem on Vista that, when you attempt to get into certain folders, you recieve a message box saying, "Windows Explorer Must Shut Down" and a few seconds later another box that says, "Windows Explorer Is Restarting", here are some thoughts on how to fix it:

1. The issue is caused by an audio/video codec. If you've recently downloaded or installed some audio/video program, that is likely the culprit. So, try to uninstall it.

2. For me, the problem was the program "Nero". After I uninstalled it and then removed the Image drive, everything returned to normal. So, while this isn't exactly or strictly an a/v program, it is associated with them. You may try removing this first.

3. Make a list of all the a/v programs on your computer. You can do this by going to the "Start" menu or better yet, the "Control Panel", "Uninstall/Install" tab. Look at the list. Copy the names of all your a/v progs and delete them. After each deletion, try to access the folder that was giving you problems. When you're able to acces it, you know you've won. If you're still unable, keep trying other software; eventually, you'll get it right. (*Note: If you are unable to access these areas directly, do "Ctr + Alt + Delete", "Task Manager", "New Task" (bottom right corner of box or under "File"), type in "C:\", in the corner of the box select "Browse" and then navigate your way to the "Control Panel" and from there, you can uninstall what you need to.)

4. If you have a "System Restore" feature, after you've deleted all the programs and found the culprit, you can "Restore" and then go back and delete the one that was causing all of your headaches.

5. Do not turn off the "System Administrator" function as some have suggested. This opens your computer up to a world of attacks. Keep this turned on.

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