Your 3 Words (Blogger Ed.)

Some people have finally started to show interest in the "Your 3 Words" video (blogger edition) project. So, as videos or pics or slideshows are sent in, I'll add them to the overall video. Come on Brother Tilling, give me something funny. Bryan, how 'bout it? Mr. Brown, I know you got something for me. Dr. McGrath, I'm sure you've got something (r)evolutionary to say :) Cody? Jason? Drew, send some of your creativity this way. All my readers, take a few minutes and turn on the webcams (or whatever) and send me something describing your week in 3 words. Contact me at: halc dot 40dp at mailcity dot com.


  1. I haven't seen what you're talking about with this Your 3 words things. What is it?

    But truthfully I"m not that creative and if it has anything to do with pictures or videos of myself I'm pretty hesitant (that's why my picture is not that clear).

  2. Bryan,
    Actually, I think your pic is pretty good!!!

    You don't have to be in the video, it's just using three words to describe your week. Here's the link to some sample videos: Your 3 Words.