62 Studies in Mark: The List Thus Far

Below are sixty-two posts from my "Studies in Mark" series. Hope you've enjoyed reading them as much as I have enjoyed writing them. (Feel free to engage past posts any time and I will readily respond.)

*A Markan Precursor - Did Jesus own a home?

#1 - Did the Disciples Know Jesus Before He "Called" Them?

#16 - The Feeding and Teaching of the 5,000...Zealots

#17 - Jesus the Prophet?

#18 - Why the Zealots Wanted Jesus to be Their Leader

#19 - Jesus Walked On Water...And Almost Went Too Far

#20 -There Is No Messianic Secret

#21 - Jesus the Priest

#22 - How the Gallio Inscription Helps Us Date Mark's Gospel

#23 - Did Jesus Use Protection?

#24 - What Comes Out of You Is What Defiles You

#25 - The Aramaic, Hebrew, Greek & Latin Contour of Mark's Gospel

#26 - The Mes-Sigh-ah

#27 - Miracles or Mere Distractions?

#28 - Why and How God Hardens Hearts

#29 - The Quest for the Questioning Jesus

#30 - Did the Disciples Believe in Ghosts?

#31 - Faith Comes By Reading

#32 - Rebuking the Idea of Resurrection

#33 - Jesus Got It All Wrong

#34 - Abiathar Again

#35 - Down “Abi” Road Again

#36 - Did John Eat Pancakes or Torillias?

#37 - Chronology in Mk.

#38 - Mark Translations

#39 - Markan Use of “rb”

#40 - Timelines After the Transfiguration

#41 - Gay Love in Mark’s Gospel?

#42 - Mark & Maximalist Historians

#43 - Tyndale on Mark’s Gospel

#44 - Jesus Didn’t Predict His Death

#45 - The Emotional Jesus

#46 - A Colorful Greek Reading of Mk. 1.1-8

#47 - Why Did the Spirit Exorcise Jesus?

#48 - The Geography of Mark’s Gospel

#49 - Performing Mk. 1.21-8 in Greek

#50 - The Kleptomanic Christ

#51 - You Are Not Far From the Kingdom of God

#52 - Show Me the Money

#53 - Did Jesus Redefine Kinship

#54 - Speaking in the Spirit

#55 - Was Jesus Both Lord and Son of David?

#56 - Blessed Are The Barren

#57 - Mark’s Text, Audiences & Identity

#58 - Was Jesus’ Eschatalogical Clock Out-Of-Sync?

#59 - A 5-Man Conversation Pregnant With Meaning

#60 - Rethinking Jesus’ Suffering

#61 - Was Jesus an Animal Lover?


  1. Did you do anything on the wilderness narrative in Mark? And the subsequent enlargement of that narrative in the other Gospels? If not why not?

  2. Scott,
    I've written very little on the wilderness acct. in this series. However, I've not avoided it for any particular reason. Since you've brought it up, I will do a post on it.

    So, there is no particular reason I've not written on it.

    My view, at this point, however, would be a bit different than yours. Given your the nature of your comment, you presuppose Marcan priority. I do not.

    I have two views on this. 1) I think Mk. used Mt. and Lk. 2) I also think Mk., like the other Gospels, was a fluid document. In other words, I think they all were manipulated at different points and so, I don't think it's even necesarry to really argue which came first, what the original was like, etc. I wrote a post on that whole subject, which you can search for on Pisteuomen if you like.

    If you'd like, I can try to elaborate on these views some time soon. However, Sunday I will be taking a week away from the computer (though posts will still be published) because I'm leading a week of "wilderness camp" for a group high school students in the Northern KY area.

    Hopefully, I can touch on some of these things and discuss them with you soon.

  3. By "subsequent enlargement" I didn't really mean to mean Marcan priority. I mean more just "expanded" whether that is ante or post.

    While I believe that there was much cross-pollination of Gospel ideas between the writers from their travels together and visiting churches, just for this particular pericope I wonder if the Marcan version (maybe a source?) was not the original.

  4. Ah, I see. My "reading into" your comment was undue then. While I am not convinced that there were really "original" texts/stories, etc., and while I don't find it to argue whether those originals are important or more authoritative than what we already have, at this point, I wouldn't find it problematic if the wilderness pericope in Mk. was one of the first stories floating around. Again, I'll try to say more on the narrative itself and perhaps some of my views about the text itself in the near future.

    You raise some good points/questions.