Uniting For Human Rights: Blog!!!

The purpose of this post is to remind people to use whatever means they have to fight against the injustice that characterizes so many parts of this world. As we look around today, we see so much injustice, suffering, pain, cheating, usury, war, hatred and myriad ills. Really, we can be so overwhelmed by it all that we think "There's nothing I can do to change things". However, there is something you can do: Use your voice.

In addition to speaking out loud, one way to do that is to blog. You can raise awareness of human rights issues through blogging. For me, while I do not use Pisteuomen specifically as a platform for dealing with human rights issues, I do use it to raise awareness of how to think theologically and ethically about numerous human rights and civil issues that confront us.

Lately, I have been blogging about adoption. Certainly, with millions of orphans the world over, this is an issue that needs more attention drawn to it. There are children being raped, abused, sold and just plain used because they are not being rescued through adoption. At the heart of Christian theology lies the fact that God has adopted us. Ethically, it follows that adoption is a godly thing and that God's people should adopt (when able).

So, all I wanted to do today was to encourage you to use your blog as a platform for human rights issues from time to time. If you are a Christian, I encourage you to come at those issues from theological and ethical angles. Bloggers unite for human rights! Use your voice and use your blog!!!

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