How Many Books I Own

The official count is in! After unloading 13 shelves worth of books and packing them into over 50 boxes and after listing/counting all of them, the total number of books that I own is (as of now) 1,716. That's a whole lot of books! I think I have a pretty good personal library. I'm glad I finally got to list all of them (if for no other reason than insurance purposes). The next step is to get all of these added to LibraryThing.


  1. at one time, my father-in-law had over 5000 books! I am not even close to you - maybe half?

  2. 5000...that's a very impressive personal library! Although, I guess quantity takes a back seat to quality when it comes to books. I have some books that are practically throw away books (I hate saying that about any book!) but nonetheless, I have them. Even half of what I have, well, that's still impressive.

  3. Michael,

    Can I count my Dr. Suess books?