Playing the "In God's Time" Card

Okay, something that just gets on my nerves is when people try to play the "In God's Time" card. Seriously, I get so frustrated with it. I don't know, maybe I'm totally off here but the Scriptures suggest that God created time and set time in motion. Moreover, God took on flesh and physically entered that time. God the Spirit and God the Father are notorious for working within the bounds of time as well. So, why in the world do we continue on saying things that make it sound as if God is on a different clock than anyone else? We are not deists who believe that God has nothing to do with this earth or even it's time. Anyway...I feel like I'm droning on about that. To the point...

Recently, someone tried to play this card on me. However, I wasn't hearing or having it. The way it was put to me was in the sense of "God, in His time, will tell me when such and such should happen with your life and then I'll tell you." I'm always suspicious of this type of thing and there's good reason for that. I'm of the mindset that if God is telling someone something about me, He'll be telling me too. I think it is incredibly irrepsonsible and impiously superficial to say things like this to people. I also think it shows a tendancy towards manipulation, coercion and dictatorship. Really, this post is more of a theological rant that anything. I just think it's silly when people act like this. What say you


  1. God will reveal the truth of this statement to you in His own time.

    OK...that was obvious but it had to be said.

    I'm not really sure how to think of time and God, especially, since we think of time in relation to the moon and sun. A day is the Earth's rotation in comparison to the sun, a month in comparison to the moon and a year in comparison to the sun. So I'm not sure if we even comprehend time properly.

    But I do hold great disdain for the person that thinks they can play intermediary figure for me and God.

    We had some problems at our church and a lady came up to me and said, "God told me that so and so is supposed to be our pastor." To which I replied, "Why do you suppose he didn't tell so and so this? Do you want a pastor that can't hear God's voice?"

    She stared at me for 15 seconds and without saying a word turned around and walked away.

  2. Yeah, that statement drives me crazy! It think its used as an excuse more than anything else - when things dont work out in "our time" then they surely must be working out in "God's time." Right? Hummm

    Also, I am FIRM believer that when God is trying to tell someone something, He does not go through just one person. God created us for community for a reason, right? I had a friend who was devestated by the comments of a former youth minister of hers (that she really wasnt even that close to) who tried to tell her that God told him that she would never get married. Seriously!? God told you to tell at 19 year woman that? A woman you barely know? When she has had absolutly no other leadings or guidance towards remaining single for life? I doubt it. Manipulation. Sigh.

  3. Scott,

    Yes, the whole time/God thing can be quite hard to understand when we get into it. But I don't really think He's operating on another clock.

    Great come back to that lady by the way.


    That's certainly a story of manipulation you tell. And as for the community thing, I agree w/you wholeheartedly!!!