Have You Ever Been Healed Immediately?

About a year and a half or two years ago, I experienced immediate, on-the-spot healing through prayer. I had a crazy, bad, throbbing, pounding headache, a headache like I'd never had before. Despite the headache, I decided to go to class. During prayer time, the professor prayed over me and immediately I was healed. I couldn't believe it. I kept trying to tell myself it was going to come back but it never did. I was healed. I know this isn't as dramatic as some healings but it was dramatic for me. Have you ever experienced immediate healing like this?


  1. Sure... One of the best was when I broke my ankle in the summer of 2004, and I went to the emergency room. While waiting to see the Dr., I was watching Christian television in the room, and there happened to be three different messages preached on divine healing. I took it as a call to pray, and after having done so, God healed my ankle right in the emergency room! It was more than amazing!

  2. that's pretty amazing dude, thanks for sharing; quite encouraging!!!

  3. T.M., I have had numerous immediate healings, but let me leave this as a testimony.

    My wife had gone into labor with our first child, my daughter. The pregnancy was only about 10 hours long, start to finish, but anyway, we finally made it to the delivery room and believe it or not, we spent more time in there than we did waiting for dilation.

    Anyway, my daughter rushed but when it came down to the final push, she stopped and turned. Her heart rated slowed to a normal beat. The doctors and nurses were worried, concerned over suffocation, or even that the child was having a bowel movement. Both of these things were bad enough. So, after about 30 minutes of the nurse pushing (been in the delivery room for about 1 and a half)they called for the Doctor with the forceps. This is not a happy thought for many parents because of the high accident rate that forceps cause. I So anyway, I began to pray.

    No kidding. As soon as I said Amen, the Doctor walked in and my daughter was born. Seriously. Amen. And bam! Baby.

    They were not expecting it to happen that fast.

    When she was born, she had a red dot on her right eye, about the size of a finger print. To me, this is where God touched her, saying that you can go now, your daddy still has faith.

  4. polycarp,
    thanks for sharing that great story from your life. amazing. God is good.