A New Look For Pisteuomen

Today I changed the banner for Pisteuomen (you can see it to the right). It speaks for itself, I think!


  1. There are four gospels and only four, neither more nor less: four like the
    points of the compass, four like the chief directions of the wind. The Church, spread all over the world, has in the gospels four pillars and four winds blowing wherever people live.

    These four gospels are in actual fact one single Gospel, a fourfold Gospel inspired by the one Spirit, a Gospel which has four aspects representing the work of the Son of God

  2. yes, there are four gospel accounts that center around the Good News of God the Father & Spirit's work in and through Jesus. there is also the gospel explained, by paul. i'm not sure i understand why you wrote these comments but, if you felt the need to, that's fine with me.