Marcus The Impressionist : This Dude's Hilarious

So, I'm a fan of the TV show Last Comic Standing. It does get on my nerves, however, that they waste so much time showing bad comedians; show all of the good ones that will make us laugh! Anyway, my favorite comedian so far (and a prime candidate to take the title of Last Comic Standing) is the single-named impressionist Marcus. Seriously, this guy is incredible! His Gilbert Gottfried and Bobcat Goldtwaith impressions are unreal. Check out this clip (it's only a minute long):


  1. I thought he was the best of the bunch too. I don't know if you saw Dazed and Confused but his Matthew McConaughey was on the money.

  2. Yeah, all of his impressions were pefect. I like the Amy chick who won this week too. I remember her from last year, she's really funny.