A "Must See" Movie

If you haven't seen the movie Kite Runner, you need to, it is a "must see" movie. From a socio-political standpoint I think it informs us on a number of issues. The same can be said from an ethical standpoint. Biblical scholars will pick up on Middle Easter themes such as honor/shame, kinship, nationalism and other things. The movie is engaging, running about 2 hours, is beautifully shot, well-written, excellently acted, inspiring and overall just a great film. If you have some free time soon, be sure to watch this movie!


  1. Did you read the book? Because if you had read the book, I think you would find the movie highly disappointing!!! I had heard the movie was good, but only by people who hadn't read the book. If you are really interested in Middle Eastern issues, cultural identities, and persoal struggles of minorities - you MUST READ the book. :)

  2. I have not read it but I sure will now that you've mentioned it. Thanks!