Rest In Peace Reid Family

The fellow who roomed next door to me in college for four years was killed in a car accident a few days ago. Man, when something like that happens memories just come flooding back: the Chicago Bears Starter jacket he wore all of the time, the very "white" rap song he recorded for a spoof rap album I made, his affinity for video games, his remark of "sweet" to just about everything, swiping cards in the cafeteria after chapel, the time he went to grab the pushbar on the door but instead put his hands on the glass and shattered the entire window...man, so many memories. Brian "Slim" Reid was a great guy. He was a goofy, quirky and gentle fella. We'll miss you Slim. I will be traveling to the Reid family funeral (both Slim and his wife were killed in the wreck) this Wednesday. God, be with Brian & Jennifer's families during this time of trauma; Holy Spirit be a balm to their souls.


  1. How awful. I'm deeply sorry for your loss and the family's. My prayers are with them.


  2. I'm so sorry. Loss is never easy.