A Heart For Africa

If you are a regular reader of Pisteuomen, you know that in more ways than one, Africa has a special place in my heart. At the moment, my wife and I are in the process of adopting a son from Ethiopia which we are incredibly excited about. Also, one of my college soccer buddies, Daren Wendell, whom I've mentioned repeatedly on Pisteuomen, has become a great voice for African relief/aid. You can read more about his "walk around the world" HERE but I just want to take a moment and thank him for what he's already accomplished. In the last few months, Daren has raised so much awareness for the blood & water crises in Africa. He's also raised a lot of money, upwards of $10,000. Just last week, he spoke at a youth conference in IL and recieved a huge response. After taking a short hiatus from walking to do speaking events, documentaries, conferences, etc., Daren is hitting the road again tomorrow. Please, pray for him, encourage him and check out his cause. Click the following link to reach his site: The Earth Expedition. You can even watch his journey via live GPS tracking...pretty nifty!!! Godspeed Daren, as you head back out tomorrow!

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