SBL Biblio/Biblica Bloggers Sunday Evening Dinner

If you are a biblio / biblica blogger and are attending SBL, you are invited to our annual gathering which, this year, will take place on Sunday evening. Whether you've just started blogging, have been blogging for years or are even considering blogging, you are welcome. We're going to meet up at the convention center and walk to a restaurant from there. A more specific time, restaurant location, etc. will be given soon. Please, if you are coming, leave a comment here so we can reserve seats at the restaurant ahead of time (this will make things go much smoother, give us more time to chat and take a lot of stress off of the restaurant employees. I will make reservations for us beforehand and post those soon enough.

***Update: Here is the list of those who have signed up to attend so far. If you leave a comment noting that you plan to attend, I will add your name to the list.

* Michael Halcomb
* James McGrath
* Nijay Gupta
* Josh McManaway
* Ken Brown
* Douglas Mangum
* Eric Sowell


  1. Sounds great, sign me up. And thanks for taking charge on this!

  2. Sign me up, too. Thanks for organizing it.

  3. I'm definitely in. Thanks for getting this together.

  4. I've added you all to the list so far, with a few others.

  5. I read about this gathering on ETC (Peter Head). Hey, so sign me up!

  6. Thanks for the invitation. I think I can manage, but I don't want to make a definite commitment until the weekend.

    Jim Leonard

  7. Hey Halcomb, sign me up. I´ve been considering start blogging on Biblio/Biblica down here in Sao Paulo, Brazil.
    Tarcizio Carvalho

  8. I had left a comment (or so I thought) but now I do not see myself on the list! I will come by and if there is room, fine, if not I will go sulk and suck my thumb.

  9. Michael,

    I will be there, and I suggested on my blog that we meet outside of the entrance to the book exhibits at the Hynes Convention Center at 7 pm.

    Two other bloggers who are planning to come: Calvin and Mandy Park.

    Hope that helps rather than make a mess of things.

    John Hobbins