SBL Bible Bloggers Sunday Night Dinner

Just a quick note on the Sunday night dinner gathering for Bible Bloggers. I'm working on choosing and contacting a restaurant downtown at this point. As far as the time and metting place as well as attendees, here are some more details:

Time: 7pm
Location: Plaza Level in Front of Exhibition B Doors
Attendees: * Michael Halcomb, * James McGrath, * Nijay Gupta, * Josh McManaway, * Ken Brown, * Douglas Mangum, * Eric Sowell,* Donald Kim
Restaurant: TBA

If you want to be part of this, please, let me know as soon as possible so that when I make reservations at a restaurant, I'll know how many seats to tell them to reserve.


  1. New faces this year! I'm most likely showing up!

  2. Michael,

    I proposed a slightly different meeting point, but we will join you at the plaza level at about 7:05.

    Looking forward to it.