Your Blog & Google

From time-to-time I like checking out what Google has compiled about my blog, so, I go to my webmaster acct. and give things a look. However, not everyone has a webmaster account, so, they cannot do that. Yet, there are some ways to see what Google is saying about and doing with your blog posts. Go to google.com and in the search bar, type in some of the following things and check out the results:

site:michaelhalcomb.blogspot.com (replace my site name with your own each time)

The "site" tool allows you to search your site. The "link" tool allows you to see what other sites link to yours. The "cache" tool allows you to see your site's cache or history. The "info" tool provides info about your site. The "related" tool shows sites that are similar to yours. Pretty nifty!

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