SBL: Lecture Downloads

So, even though I am en route to Boston right now and SBL hasn't officially started for me (it will about 5pm this evening), I figured I'd go ahead and let you in on the lectures that are available for download (.pdf and .doc files). Most of the papers are NT oriented and center around The Gospels, The Paulines, Biblical Law and other things. By following the provided links below, you will have access to over 30 papers from this year's conference and over 60 from past conferences. Enjoy!

* Contextual Biblical Interpretation
* Romans
* Cross, Ressurection & Diversity in Earliest Christianity
* Biblical Law

Update: Here is Ben Witherington's paper that I heard him deliver a little bit ago; it was good. Enjoy!

* Ben Witherington: The Rhetorical Character of Hebrews


  1. the romans link and the biblical law link are not working.

  2. They work now! Thanks for pointing that out. I also added another.