SBL Bloggers Dinner

*Note: My computer has run into some issues here at SBL, so, unfortunately, I can't really post updates. That siad, here are the updated plans for the Sunday night dinner gathering for Bible / Theology Bloggers (mainly, I updated names to the list; I posted them in the order in which they came, so, hopefully, there will be room for everyone at the dinner. I will call and ask them to add a few spots to the reservation but I can't promise anything. The original reservation was for 15.).

Time: 7pm
Location: Plaza Level: In Front of Exhibition Hall B Doors (click here for map)
Attendees: * Michael Halcomb, * James McGrath, * Nijay Gupta, * Josh McManaway, * Ken Brown, * Douglas Mangum, * Eric Sowell,* Donald Kim,* P. Gardella, * James Leonard, * Chris Brady, * Tarcizio Carvalho, Brandon Wasson, John Hobbins, Calvin Park, Mandy Park, Chris Weimer
Restaurant: Dillon's (955 Boylston St. - click here for site , click here for menu)

Dillon's is about a one minute walk from the conference center. Again, we will meet outside the book exhibit in front of entrace hall B doors. See you there!


  1. Hey guys,
    I could not make it. By 6 PM I rushed back to the Hotel to know about my daugther, who had been hospitalized. Thank God, the news is that she has been released today. Thus, I spent a lot of time Skyping with the family (we have this little baby and triplets at a preschool age).
    Hope to meet you guys... if possible.

    Tarcizio Carvalho

  2. TC, glad your daughter is okay! Hope to meet you next year. Blessings to you and your loved ones during this time.

  3. Hey. Sorry I missed out on it. I sent Ben Blackwell in my place! I hope to make it next year.

  4. Nijay,
    Sorry we missed you; I look forward to next year too. It was nice meeting Ben.