SBL: Sharing A Cab

If there are no delays regarding my flight times for SBL, as it stands, I'll be arriving at Logan Intl. Airport on Friday the 25th between 3-4pm (arrv. time says 3:39pm). I'll be traveling from Logan to the Sheraton, next to the convention center. If anybody is arriving around the same time and is traveling downtown and wants to share a cab, let me know. (Public transit, which I mentioned HERE, is not going to work out for me.)

On the flip side, I'll be heading back to the airport on Tuesday the 25th around 4-4:30am because my flight heads out around 6:30am. If anyone wants to split a cab to the airport, I'd be more than glad to do that as well. Drop me a note here and we'll work something out.


  1. Michael, I arrive about an hour later than you do - 4:52 pm. I planned either on a cab or the train anyway, though I doubt you'd want to wait that long.

  2. Doug,
    Actually, upon second look, the train might work for me. Let me give it a third look just in case. I'll get back to you. You know, we could always swap cell numbers just in case our planes did get in around the same time (due to delays or something) and we could catch a ride together (or at least, navigate the terrain together).