"A Little Leaven" Has Become Just That

Look, I'm not into mudslinging; that's just not who I am or what I'm about (I hate politics for that very reason!). I do, however, enjoy debating as well as having good, civil arguments. I also enjoy a good sense of humor. When I first came across Chris Rosebrough's site, A Little Leaven, I thoroughly enjoyed it because of some of these things. But as time has worn on, now, I just can't help but think that his constant beating up on well-meaning Churches and ministers, his belittling of women in the ministry and his ability to be able to label others heretics is nothing but a little leaven itself. Now, I'm not suggesting here that Mr. Rosebrough or any others who might contribute to the site are heretics. Indeed, the site often does a good job of calling out some of the trite practices of Christianity today. But all of the name-calling, labelling, judging, etc. has just become too much. Not only am I taking this blog off of my page reader, I am done visiting it for good. I would encourage others to do the same. While I don't agree with everything people like Rick Warren, Rob Bell and other well-known Christians espouse, neither do I call them heretics and condemn them--what good does that do for anyone? Mr. Rosebrough, I think it is time to take the plank out of your own eye and start practicing some humility! Like leaven, a little hate and dissension can go a long way.


  1. I agree. And will respond to your call by taking away his link (and adding yours!).

  2. Michael,
    Kudos to you bro, kudos to you! I went a'browsin' on your site and found that you are working through LST, how are you finding that? I have a few Asbury friends starting or getting ready to start. Just curious as to your thoughts. Thanks for the comment, removal and addition :)
    Blessings friend,

  3. Michael (H),
    I agree with your assessment of this blog. Although I think it is necessary to refute false teaching, and do so strongly, I think too many of us are focusing on the wrong enemies.

    Rob Bell, for all he does, and doesn't do, isn't our biggest concern.

    Maybe it's radical Islam with its growing numbers in Europe and flaming, open hostility to Christ?
    Maybe it's metaphysical naturalism, a force so strong that our culture is blind to its influences in how we think about God?
    Maybe its postmodernism, saying that no story can be the 1 true story, even though it doesn't offer a story to us?
    Maybe it's global captitalism and Marxism?

    But seriously, we should pick better battles...

    I went to Bell's church for a year or two back in the early 00's. I DO find fault with him. He doesn't preach repentance, the holiness and wrath of God, doesn't mention the bloody sacrifice of atonement of Jesus on the Cross, nor coming judgment. THAT IS BAD.

    But, Mars Hill does a lot of good in benevolence ministries, and he DOES preach from the Scripture. So, even if the aforementioned concepts are in the text and he doesn't preach on them, people in the seats will still see them in Scripture.


  4. Chris,
    Certainly there is a place for refuting erroneous teachings. I'm not saying the opposite at all. What "A Little Leaven" has become, however, is not a site of gentle rebuke but a site of hateful, heresy-hunting. BTW, why does Rosebrough get to be the one who thinks he can use the "h" word on people? What gives him that right? His interpretation?

    For what it's worth, I'm done with the site!!!

  5. I agree with you. I have questioned many post on ALittleLeaven. Chris has no longer allowed my post to be viewed. All I did was question his motives for causing discord and disunity amongst the body of Christ. I am also in agreement with you as to all the false teachers out there. But does God want us to make a ministry about exposing every fault we can find in everyone and slandering that person to the world? I think not.... The bible has many many more scripture commanding us to build up the body, to edify each other, to encourage each other, than it does about exposing false teachers.

  6. Chad,
    Amen, amen and amen. I posted there yesterday and then he silenced me too, for questiong some of the stuff he had written. It seems like the one who is all about "rebuking" cannot talk a little gentle rebuking himself. Hmm...I won't call him a "heretic" but another "h" word sure comes to mind: hypocrite. Really, Chad, it all just saddens me. It's too bad that this rigid fundamentalist doesn't take seriously the Scripture that talks about 2 or 3 going to another who is causing disruption. As far as I can tell, you and I constitute 2; it's hard-telling how many others he's silenced.

  7. Michael, I was checking out your site and saw a pic of you at Mars Hill in Greece. I have been there. In 2003 my wife and I went on cruise of the greek isles. We stopped at the Acropolis at Mars Hill. The sad part about it was at the time I wasn't a believer and didn't know the importance of the place I was. I thought it was just a really old place. Now I know that I was actually at a place that Paul preached about the statue to the unknown god. I didn't quite know where to post this. I was trying to figure out your blog, could you fill me in on what your about?