SBL Dinner Reservations Set

Here are the updated plans for the Sunday night dinner gathering for Bible / Theology Bloggers.

Time: 7pm
Location: Plaza Level: In Front of Exhibition Hall B Doors (click here for map)
Attendees: * Michael Halcomb, * James McGrath, * Nijay Gupta, * Josh McManaway, * Ken Brown, * Douglas Mangum, * Eric Sowell,* Donald Kim,* P. Gardella, * James Leonard, * Chris Brady, * Tarcizio Carvalho
Restaurant: Dillon's (955 Boylston St. - click here for site , click here for menu)

Dillon's is about a one minute walk from the conference center, the restaurant was very willing to accomodate us and they have a menu with much variety, which is a good thing anytime a group is dining together. If you want to be part of this, please, let me know as soon as possible. Again, all are welcome, even those of you who have just begun blogging or are seriously considering it. Or, you may be an avid blog reader but not writer, well, you're welcome too. I have made reservations for a party of 10-15, so, there are still some seats available and if we exceed that amount, I'm sure that they'll make room for more (especially if we let them know ahead of time).